Plus Delta retrospective

Sprint Retrospective Idea – Run a retro with a positive, improvement-based mind set.

What is a Plus Delta retrospective?

A Plus Delta retrospective is a great retrospective idea for newly formed teams and or inexperienced meeting facilitators. formats.  During the meeting the agile team captures  the positive aspects (“pluses”) of a project alongside areas for improvement (“deltas”) with a view to enhancing their future performance.

When should I use a Plus Delta retrospective?

For newly formed teams or inexperienced meeting facilitators, this format is a great tool to start with as it drives productive discussions by simply asking each team member to share what they think are the pluses and the deltas of the last sprint or project. From there, we can then identify areas of improvement and create action plans to make sure those agreed-upon ideas are executed and achieved.

Here are some common scenarios where a Plus Delta template can be helpful:

  • To assess the effectiveness of a new process or system
  • To evaluate the results of a project
  • To review the performance of a team
  • To highlight areas of success for a process

Alternative to Plus Delta Charts

  • Plus Minus Delta
  • Using a chart for a retrospective
  • Do again /Do better and Plus/Change

Plus Delta Retrospective Format


Participants share what worked well in the last sprint. Write down everything that is going well. What are the things that you want to say the same? What strategies are working? What processes run smoothly?


What are the processes or activities that you want to add, change or improve? Write down everything that could be more effective. Is there a way to make a process more efficient? What wouldn’t be and would be done next time?

Suggested Icebreaker questions for Plus Delta retrospective

  • What is one habit would you add for yourself this year?
  • What is one thing you would add or change in your room? Why?
  • Would you rather add or remove some friends on Facebook? Why?

Retro Rehearsal

Invite your team to rehearse the retro referencing something they recently ate.

For example, thinking about your last home cooked meal, what were the positives about it and what is one change you would make?

Ideas and tips for your Plus Delta retrospective

  • Encourage people to provide both Pluses and Deltas. Both have value in the continuous improvement of processes. Keep an open mind when receiving feedback and record all pluses and deltas provided.
  • Give people the time and space to open up and share. And, as long as they are not making derogatory remarks and understand the no-blame principle, then each idea should be discussed.
  • No need to label Delta negatively: refer to it as ‘Delta’ (change). These are changes that could be made if redone, and improvements to be made in the future. This allows us to grow from past errors while looking towards the future with optimism.
  • Anonymity. Names are not required. All opinions and ideas are equally valid.
  • Use the way teams vote to manage culture. You’ll get interesting insights when people vote individually. A suggested improvement may need to be agreed afterwards at a future meeting.
  • Follow up with an action list that you will check off at the start of the next team retro.

How to run a Plus Delta retrospective in TeamRetro

Start Agile Retrospective

Start your retrospective in a click
Log into TeamRetro and choose your sprint retrospective template.

Invite Your Team
Invite your team easily – no separate accounts needed
Send an email invite, a link or add to your Slack channel to get people started quickly. SSO options are also available.
Agile Retrospective Brainstorm
Time to brainstorm
Each team member can now brainstorm individually under each topic. This avoids group think and allows everyone to have their say. They can indicate when they have finished, or you can set a timer so that you know when to move onto the next stage.
Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting
Group related ideas
Drag and drop  related ideas to combine them for easier voting. TeamRetro can also automatically suggest ideas that are similar, saving you and your team valuable time.
Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting
Vote independently to avoid anchoring
Each team member votes on what they would most like to discuss further. The results won’t be displayed to everyone until you advance to Discuss.
Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Discuss the most important things first
You and your team discuss the top voted ideas and can capture deep dive comments.  Presentation mode allows you to walk your team through ideas one-by-one and keep the conversation focused.

Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Review and create actions

Easily facilitate discussion by bringing everyone onto the same page. Create action items, assign owners and due dates that will carry through for review at the next retrospective.

Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Share the results
Once you have finished your retro, you can share the results and actions with the team. Your retro will be stored so you can revisit them as needed.

Congratulations! You’ve just run a retro like a boss.
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