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Easily run retros with guided facilitation techniques for face-to-face or remote teams. Avoid group-think and bias. Time-saving features means everyone gets more time to talk about what matters.

Starfish Retrospective

Wide range of different retrospective techniques … or create your own

Kicking off your first retro or ready to explore something more fun and insightful? TeamRetro gives you a wide range of different retrospective techniques.

…or try out one of our many creative, fresh and new community templates such as :


Set the stage

Show who aded ideas to create openness or use private or aliases to avoid group think. Keep things on track with a timer. Colour ideas by topic, person or key point.


Quickly combine ideas

Use our auto-suggest feature to save you time or drag and drop related ideas together.


Decide on priorities

Independent voting keeps things real allowing the team to decide on where the focus should be.

Present, discuss and create actions

Easily facilitate discussion in order of priority. Use Presentation Mode to sync everyone’s screens to capture comments and actions.

Enterprise ready

We take security seriously to ensure that your data remains secure and confidential – learn more.

Fully encrypted

Your data is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption over the wire, AES256 encryption at rest.

Secure datacenters

We utilise SOC2-certified infrastructure to provide you peace of mind.

High availability

Run your retrospective as and when you need it with a 99.9% uptime SLA. View our status dashboard.

Single sign-on

SSO via SAML (GSuite, OneLogin, OKTA, Azure Active Directory…) included in all plans.

API access

Manage teams, users, actions, and agreements; Access reporting and health data programmatically via our Enterprise API.



Automatically and easily provision teams and users in TeamRetro from your existing identity provider – learn more.


SOC accredited

TeamRetro is SOC 2 Type I accredited (ASAE 3150) for Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy

Say goodbye to time-wasting, boring and ineffective retrospectives
TeamRetro gives scrum-masters, agile coaches and teams a safe space to ideate, gather inspiration and foster a collaborative spirit. Our retrospective exercises and plays can be tailored to meet the dynamics, culture and persona of your team. Real time interactive design keeps your team engaged and participating throughout the whole retrospective.

Effortless onboarding

Quickly invite your team by email, Slack, or share a link.

Fully customizable

Use one of our ready-to-go templates, or design your own retrospective template.

Track actions

Track your team actions – get email reminders, or send them to your preferred workflow tools.

Single sign on

Sign in with your organization’s identity provider.

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