Team radars and health checks

Build high performing agile teams with insight into everyone’s performance and morale. Visual results and guided facilitation techniques leads to meaningful discussions that create change.

Team Radar and Health Checks

Team Radars and Health Checks capture and track key dimensions giving valuable insight from the team at the front line. Team members feel heard, valued and able to see where problems might exist. Continuous improvement is just the start.

Our team radar and health check templates

Out of the box, TeamRetro supports a range of common models. Need something else? Create your own that fits your team’s persona. Have teams respond along a numerical or emoticon scale and see the results instantly and visually.

Explore our other professionally designed Health Check templates.


Capture feedback privately

Device friendly and no downloads means everyone can easily and quickly share what they think. Time-box each step to keep to schedule. Get prompted when everyone is done.

Health Check Survey
Discuss Health Check Results

Data driven discussions

Realtime, visual results show you the overall picture and trajectory over time. Sort to discuss the most positive, negative or mixed response first.

Discuss and Present Health Check Results

Present, discuss and create actions

Use presentation mode to sync screens to facilitate discussions and create actions that drive change.


Review your action plan

Assign due dates and owners and check things off. Items are tracked from meeting to meeting with gentle reminders when things are due.

Health Check Review

Enterprise cross-team reporting

Define your own organization-wide health model and view a team health roll-up across your organization, to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and track trends (Enterprise Feature)

Cross-team reporting

Say goodbye to time-wasting, boring and ineffective retrospectives
TeamRetro gives scrum-masters, agile coaches and teams a safe space to ideate, gather inspiration and foster a collaborative spirit. Our retrospective exercises and plays can be tailored to meet the dynamics, culture and persona of your team. Real time interactive design keeps your team engaged and participating throughout the whole retrospective.

Effortless onboarding

Quickly invite your team by email, Slack, or share a link.

Fully customizable

Use one of our ready-to-go templates, or design your own radar or health check.

Track progress over time

Your dashboard shows the team the changes to measure the impact of changes made.

Single Sign On

Sign in with your organization’s identity provider.

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