Scrum Master’s Retrospective Guide

Your Complete ScrumMaster’s Guide to Running Fun Easy and Effective Sprint Retrospectives

Why are Remote Retrospectives Key to the Agile Process?

Being remote means that your retrospectives become even more vital as an agile ceremony. This is a time for the team to come together to share learnings, celebrate, and decide on what is happening next. The connection that may have been lost in face-to-face meetings is rebuilt through this connection.

Even if you have some of the team in the same room, being able to incorporate everyone in the team wherever they may be, opens up the possibility of more diverse ideas, creating a sense of team, and start building relationships that can’t form on a day to day basis in a traditional office environment. Using videos during a remote retrospective can you a glimpse into the personality and lives of your teammates.

It can also help maintain accountability in the team whilst working from home. Being able to come up with action items at your remote retrospective and people seeing the impact can boost team morale and create more energy for the next retrospective.

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