Looking for a Boardthing alternative?

TeamRetro is the simple yet flexible agile retrospective tool that helps teams focus on what really matters. Fun, engaging, fast and visual, it’s the ideal replacement for boardthing retrospectives.

Anchors & Engines

Fast, fluid retrospectives

Effectively run engaging and action focused meetings with your team whether they are remote or co-located. Time saving, intuitive and real time design lets you easily facilitate conversations and focus on actions to take forward.

Start with a template from our tool kit or create your own. Facilitate both anonymous and non anonymous retrospectives.

Easy health check and radars

Gain insight into what is motivating and challenging your team using common health dimensions or your own.

Create a trackable health chart or a team radar that helps you identify key areas for improvement and track progress.

Squad Health Check

Features that make your meetings flow


Fully customizable

Change topics, process flow and anonymity for your retros, radars and health checks to fit what your team needs. Use light or dark mode.

Automatic suggestion of similar ideas for affinity theming in TeamRetro

Automatic grouping

Use our auto-suggest feature to save you time when grouping similar ideas. Or just drag and drop to create your own groups.

Discuss ideas at your retrospective meeting

Deep discussion

Discuss and capture comments and actions. Use presentation mode to keep conversations focused. Create team agreements and buy in.


Reporting and insights

Dashboards and reports track action, meeting cadence, and team sentiment over time with reports you can download.


Team action list

Propose and add actions. Assign owners and dates and integrate into your existing workflow tools. Keep track over time.


Cross device

Use TeamRetro on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with any modern web browser.


Facilitate with ease

From easy invites to time-boxed discussions, built-in presentation mode, independent voting, and integrated workflows.


Team agreements

Collaboration is not just a checklist. Build culture by letting your team decide how they want to work together at meetings.

Enterprise ready

We know that organisations need something to get working quickly in a safe and reliable way. No annual maintenance and set up fees.
We take security seriously and work constantly to ensure that your data remains secure and confidential – learn more.

Single Sign On

Single sign-on via SAML is included in all plans. (GSuite, OneLogin, OKTA…)

End-to-End Encryption

Your retrospective data is protected with 256 bit SSL (bank-grade) encryption over the wire, and AES256 encryption on our servers.

Secure Datacenter

We utilise SOC2-certified infrastructure to provide you peace of mind.

High Availability

Run your retrospective as and when you need it with a 99.9% uptime SLA. View our status dashboard.

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