How Sympower Charged Ahead with TeamRetro as their Preferred Retro Tool

Sympower is a transformative company that empowers commercial and industrial energy users to build sustainable energy systems. As a B-certified company, its goal is to increase sustainability, cost reduction, and grid stability around the world. Sympower is a company [...]

Scrum Master Creates Happy, Empowered Agile Teams with AI, Health Checks and Fun Retros

It’s always appreciated when we get feedback from our clients; it’s their input that helps guide us as we learn, grow and evolve TeamRetro. Their stories are why we do what we do. We are delighted to share with [...]

Scrum Paradigms: Chickens Vs Pigs – The Observer Role in Agile Meetings

The Scrum framework has long been a beacon for teams striving for increased collaboration and efficiency. One of the most well-known metaphors within Scrum is the tale of pigs and chickens, which serves as a guiding principle for team involvement. [...]

How an Agile Coach Saves Time and Angst with a Better Health Check and Retrospective Tool

What would you do if you started a role as ScrumMaster, Agile Coach or Program leader with 40 teams to lead? How would you manage their happiness, get a sense of what is motivating the team, while keeping admin low? [...]