Ensuring top-tier data security with TeamRetro: Our journey to SOC2 and GDPR compliance.

At TeamRetro, we understand the paramount importance of data security and compliance for our valued customers. We are pleased to announce that we are SOC 2 Type I and Type 2 compliant. You can also get a copy of our [...]

Create Social Contracts with Team Agreements that Improve Culture

Often used by agile teams, a social contract paves the way for everyone in the team to work together better. They list the agreed ways a team will behave with each other. Typically, without a clear agreement, there’s often a [...]

How to run great retrospectives online with remote and distributed teams

As predicted some time ago and recently catalysed, the popularity of remote working continues apace. Whether partially or fully remote, the benefits of such a workforce are hard to ignore - increased productivity and reach decreased costs access to [...]

What is a Scrum Master and why is their role so important in a retrospective?

Retrospectives play a vital part in Agile; the opportunity they provide for a team to adapt and improve is core to the delivery of value through continuous improvement. The Scrum Guide states that the purpose of the Sprint Retrospective [...]