There’s a lot to be said for showing gratitude in the workplace; and with the end of 2021 insight, it struck us as the perfect opportunity to reflect upon that for which we are grateful at TeamRetro.

Of course, as passionate advocates of agile and shameless fans of retrospectives, we couldn’t help ourselves – with a blank template and a few clicks of a mouse, we whipped up a gratitude template.

Here’s TeamReto’s 2021 Retro, the people and things for which we are grateful, and what we’ll be taking with us into 2022.

The people for whom we are grateful

We are grateful for our ‘curious’ and ‘creative’ clients who allow us to do what we do (and it’s what we love doing!).

It’s wonderful to see our clients quickly embrace and deliver value through TeamRetro and the new features we released throughout 2021.

Our clients inspire us to continue to improve, to remain curious and to embrace new knowledge and experiences.

We are grateful for our talented and supportive colleagues who create and curate TeamRetro.

They walk the agile manifesto talk, and in doing so they make TeamRetro a pretty special place to work.

We are grateful for the generosity of the agile community who are always open to share their knowledge and experiences with us.

The experiences for which we are grateful

It’s no surprise that those wonderful people mentioned above paved the way for the experiences for which we are most grateful.

Connecting with our clients lets us hear first-hand, how we had helped them achieve their goals. It also informed our next steps and concepts for product improvement.

Connecting with our team delivered all manner of happiness.

Like teams across the globe, we made time to engage with each other, foster connections with each other, and strengthen our trust and respect for each other.

When times got tough, we knew we had each other’s back. We got through it, and we got better.

Improving, and improving and improving were awesome!!!

From bug fixing to feature releasing, knowing the value we were offering to our clients was a real buzz!


We were delighted to support the AgileAus conference and absolutely thrilled and honoured to receive awards from SourceForce.

2021 gave us a lot to be grateful for.

What we’ll be taking into 2022

Our team learnt a lot in 2021.

We learnt about ourselves, and we learnt about each other.

2021 reinforced the importance of our health and our team’s health, and the positive momentum good health delivers.

2021 delivered to us all manner of kindness and offered us some wonderful examples of the strength of kindness in the face of adversity.

Finally, 2021 confirmed once and for all, it is possible to eat too much chocolate.

Thank you!

Everyone at TeamRetro is looking forward to next year – what we will do, who we will meet and what we will learn.

Thank you to everyone for giving us so much for which we are grateful.